The Narmada district police Tuesday arrested a 30-year- old woman and formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe an alleged nationwide racket of fake certificates and marksheets, which came to light follow- ing a complaint from the Registrar of Birsa Munda Tribal University.

The Narmada police, which tracked down the ar- rested accused in New Delhi, said that the accused had links with the univer- sity staff and sold over 1,000 fake certificates since 2020.

On December 10, 2021, the registrar of the Birsa Munda University filed a complaint at the Rajpipla police station stating that the university had received a fake certificate for verification, which had been created through a fake website of the university.

The police identified the source of the fake website and documents created as being an address in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area.

The accused was identified as Bauli Nand Rev, who was allegedly part of a racket which created fake certificates and marksheets of over 35 universities.

Narmada Superintendent of Police Himkar Singh said that the woman, who is a former employee, was laid off in 2020, after which she decided to get involved in the racket.


Singh said, We are probing her network even with the 35 universities, whose marksheets and certificates have been re- covered… The SIT headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kevadiya Division, Vani Doodhat will now probe the involvement of lower staff of these universities.

Singh added that most of the certificates sold were back dated and for a hefty price.

The woman is originally from Jharkhand and settled in Delhi for the last one and-a-half years. She has told the police that she has sold over 1,000 fake certificates and marksheets… The accused charged up to Rs 3 lakh for a fake PhD certificate, he said.

Police said that they have recovered 237 degree certificates, over 500 marksheets, and 94 rubber stamps from the accused.

The accused was booked under Indian Penal Code sections for forgery (465), forgery of a valuable security (467), forgery for purpose of cheating (468), fraudulently and dishonestly using as genuine any document or electronic record that is known to be forged (471), and defamation (500) as well as relevant sections of the IT Act.