Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tues day attended the 54th Convocation Ceremony of the Indian Institute of Technology (IT) Kanpur and said that the “knowledge and expertise” of the students who pass out from this renowned institution will benefit the entire world.

“Today is a day of double happiness for Kanpur. On one hand, Kanpur is getting a metro rail facility and on the other hand, the world of technology is also getting priceless gifts from IIT Kanpur,” PM Modi said while addressing the 54th convocation of IIT Kanpur.

“Today, I congratulate the successful students of the IIT-Kanpur. You must have joined here with a certain fear of the un known. But as time passed, it changed your personality. In the classroom, your thoughts and ideas expanded and, outside the classroom, your personality expanded,” PM Modi told IIT-Kanpur students.

IIT-Kanpur has strengthened your foundation, the PM said. “With whatever you have gained from here, wherever you go, you will provide value addition. The whole world, the entire human society will benefit from what you gained here,” the PM said.


The PM went on to say that the 21st century is “technology-driven” and technology will play a key role in transforming India. “We are entering a phase of comprehensive opportunities to make a ‘Modern India’,” the PM told the gathering amid a huge round of applause from students.

“Earlier we thought of working, now we think of results from the work,” said PM Modi, adding that the “attitude of Indians has changed now.” PM Modi also mentioned the Aatmanirbhar Bharat project. He likened the project to each graduate’s struggle to stand on their own feet and be independent. PM Modi also referred to a report that ranked India in the 3rd position among world unicorn start-ups, behind US and China. He said the government will always back the Indian entrepreneurs.

He even advised the students to choose challenge if they ever have to choose between comfort and challenge. “We always face challenges in our lives. Become such a per son who chooses to find solutions to problems,” the PM said.

The PM began his speech by asking the IIT Kanpur students “is it necessary to look so serious during the convocation.”