Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have extended their greetings to the nation on the occasion of 73rd Republic Day on Wednesday. Extending greetings on the occasion, the Vice President tweeted, “My warm greetings to all our citizens on the happy occasion of 73rd Republic Day.

The Republic Day is an appropriate occasion to reaffirm our faith in the cherished principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice for all, as enshrined in our Constitution.” “It is an occasion to remember with profound gratitude, those freedom fighters whose selfless sacrifices led to the birth of this great Republic.

Today, let us celebrate the achievements of our Republic and resolve to dedicate ourselves towards building a peaceful and progressive India,” he Let added. In a tweet, both in Hindi and commitment English, PM Modi said: “Wishing you all of a happy Republic Day. Jai Hind!” Defence Minister Rajnath Singh greeted Republic people as well. “Greetings and warm wishes to the citizens of India on the celebration of 73rd Republic Day. This is an occasion to celebrate our democracy and cherish the ideas and values enshrined in our Constitution. Praying for the continued progress and prosperity of our country,” he said in a tweet.


Home Minister Amit Shah also extended his greetings on the occasion. “Happy 73rd Republic Day to all. I bow to all the jawans who have sacrificed themselves to keep the pride, unity and of the Republic of India intact. we all today resolve to ensure our to the democratic values of freedom, Jai Hind, Shah said.

The nation is celebrating the 73rd Day. Due to the increasing of Covid-19 in New Delhi, the will be a low key affair of presence on Rajpath this year.