Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that today’s youth has a ‘Can Do’ spirit which is a source of inspiration for every generation.

The Prime Minister was speaking after virtually inaugurating the 25th National Youth Festival in Puducherry. Today, being the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, is observed as National Youth Day.

The Prime Minister said that the young generation at the time of independence did not hesitate for a moment to sacrifice everything for the country. But today’s youth has to live for the country and fulfil the dreams of our freedom fighters. “The youth’s ability is not burdened by old stereotypes, he knows how to shake them. This youth can evolve itself and society according to new challenges, new demands and can create new ones. Today’s youth has a ‘Can Do’ spirit which is a source of inspiration for every generation,” he said.


The Prime Minister said that the youth of India have democratic values along with the demographic dividend, their democratic dividend is also incomparable. “India considers dividend as well as a development driver,” he emphasised.

The Prime Minister stressed that today, if the youth of India has the charm of technology, then there is also the consciousness of democracy. “Today, if the youth of India have the ability for hard work, then there is also clarity about the future. That is why what India says today, the world considers it to be the voice of tomorrow,” he said. The Prime Minister lauded that today, India’s youths are writing code of global prosperity.He mentioned that the Indian youth is a force to reckon with in the unicorn ers its youth as a demo-ecosystem all over the world. India today has a strong ecosystem of over 50,000 startups. Out of which, more than 10 thousand startups came up amidst the challenge of the pandemic. The Prime Minister gave the mantra of New India – Compete and Conquer. That is, get involved and win. Unite and win the battle. PM Modi cited the performance in Olympics and Paralympics and participation of youth in the vaccination drive as proof of will to win and a sense of responsibility among the youth.