A group of 15 Tibetan bikers, rallying against the Winter Olympics set to be held in Beijing next year, said China does not deserve to host the games that stand for the virtues of global unity and peace and requested the Indian government to boycott the same. The Tibetans, who reached Ahmedabad Sunday, highlighted the gross violation of human rights by the Chinese occupation of their country.

The bikers are on a rally, organised by the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress- Delhi (RTYC), from Bengaluru to the national capital to oppose the Winter Olympics that will be held between February 4 and 20. The Ahmedabad stop was part of the rally that passes through 10 states and 40 places in India.

The Gujarat chapter of the India Tibet Friendship Society (ITFS) at Sabarmati Riverfront, RTYC President Tsering Chomphel said, the main objective of the rally is to boycott Beijing Winter Olympics, which is coming up in February. We are not against the game, but against the Chinese (government); because China never deserves to host the Olympic games that stands for unity, brotherhood, harmony and peace among nations. But China never did that and is, in fact, against it (those virtues). There are many political prisoners in China. We urge the Chinese government to release the political prisoners.


Replying to a question, Chomphel said they want complete freedom from China for Tibet as a country and not just as an autonomous state. RTYC General Secretary Tenzin Lekshay noted that eight countries have already declared a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics and that they would request the Indian government also to boycott the games.

Though sport ideally must be kept away from politics in a normal time, however, the atrocities carried out by China against Tibet and Uyghur people in the form of increasing police custodial deaths, tortures, forced sterilisation, forced disappearance, genocide and the running of mass concentration camps raise fundamental questions about the basic tenets of humanity. We cannot and should not keep sports away from the basic moral principles.

The international community cannot go on like business as usual with China regarding its repressions at home and aggression abroad from India’s Himalayan borders to Taiwan and South China Sea, RTYC stated in an official statement. Gujarat chapter of ITFS Convener Amit Jyotikar said Indians must support the cause of Tibet’s independence. ITFS has been making efforts in creating awareness over the issue since 1956, he said. Tibet is a buffer state between India and China. If Tibet becomes independent then it will help India save on defence budget as well as from harmful environmental effects of deforestation in Tibet (by China), he said.