A report states that it is now worth Rs 6770 crore (over USD900 million) based on viewership.

According to a source the total investment made in making this series is around USD 22 million (Rs 160 crore), but the pull factor generated is much higher.

Netflix insiders say that the series helped the platform not only in retaining the interest of existing subscribers but also in getting many new patrons.

According to an inside report, around 132 million people watched at least two minutes of the show in the first 23 days, breaking the previous record. Of this, 89% watched more than one episode and 66% of viewers finished watching the series in the first 23 days.


Which proves the hook factor to make this show a superhit.

Netflix’s lawyer had expressed that it would be inappropriate for Bloomberg to disclose these figures, digging up internal documents.

It is the first Korean drama to occupy the top spot in US streaming and surprisingly many people have started learning Korean with the impact of this series. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also called the work “impressive and inspiring”.