Somnath temple attracts streams of devotees every day but that number has increased even further of late, thanks to perhaps the need to seek divine help in times of Covid.

The temple will receive a total of 52.68 lakh visitors in 2021, a 100% increase over 24.75 lakh visitors in 2020.


The temple’s web portal also got 77.79 crore online visitors in 2021 compared to 44.16 crore in the previous year. Most of the online visits came from the temple’s official Facebook channel, while other mediums like Instagram,

Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram brought in sub- stantial visitors. As many as 42.26 visitors came via Facebook and 14.65 crore via YouTube.

Diwali festival in November saw a peak of 8.08 lakh visitors. The temple was closed for 60 days last year between April 11 and June 10 due to the pandemic and lockdown. Somnath temple also marked an almost 100% rise in donations, with Rs 23.25 crore received in 2020-21. However, this has jumped to Rs 30.27 crore in the first eight months of 2021-22, averaging Rs 3.78 crore a month. Temple expenses also have risen correspondingly from Rs 21.75 crore in 2020-21 to Rs 24.25 crore in the same period. The administrative office of Dwarkadhish temple issued a notice on Sunday that the temple will remain closed for visitors from January 17 to January 23 in view of Covid cases touching new highs in the state every day. During this period, the temple rituals will however be performed as usual. Devotees can continue to have online darshan on the website temple