The weights and measures department on Monday intensified its drive against food delivery apps, restaurants and online shopping websites by imposing a cumulative fine of Rs 25 lakh for violating Pack-Milano aged Commodity Rules 2011.

As per norms, online shopping websites are supposed to provide details of third-party sellers to the customers so that the latter can contact the former in case they want to file any complaint.

Restaurants and food apps are liable to be served notices if the food items ordered do not carry details of their weight in the menu. Notices were served to La Pizzeria in Ahmedabad and Desi Taste restaurant and Jungle Joy restaurant in Gandhinagar for violation of norms. Controller of Weights and Measures department Chandresh Kotak said, Customers ordering food via delivery apps or buying articles from shopping websites do not know where to complain for defective products. Several well-known restaurants, a known mobile company and online shopping websites were found violating norms during our drive on Monday.


Kotak said, Online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart and food delivery apps such as Zomato and Swiggy are mandated to make necessary declarations under the Package Commodity Rules 2011. As many as 50 companies in 33 districts were found to be violating the rules and fines ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 50,000 were slapped on them.

Total fine imposed was about Rs 25 lakh. He said inspectors took screenshots of the products, distributors and manufacturers for violation of packaging rules and have readied notices which will be sent to the companies and fines recovered. Cases will be registered by officials in the Ahmedabad zone against online websites for not making necessary declarations while food delivery apps will be penalised for not stating the quantity, like weight of a dish or dimension of a pizza, in the menu card, Kotak said.