Health Minister released the report of the third round of sero survey

78.1 percent in urban people and 75.1 percent in rural people

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has said that the sero-positivity rate among the people of the state is 76.3 percent. Of these, urban 78.1 percent and rural 75.1 percent were found, while the positivity rate was found to be eight percent in the first sero round and 14.8 percent in the second sero round. About 2200 officers and employees of the health department were engaged in this survey.

Releasing the report of the third sero survey conducted in the state in Chandigarh on Monday, Anil Vij said that during the sero survey, 75.3 percent among men, 77.1 percent in women, 69.8 percent in children of 6 to 9 years, children of 10 to 17 years. The positivity was found to be 73.2 percent, while 81.6 percent were found in post-vaccinated people, and 75.5 percent in non-vaccinated people.

He said that this sero survey was done to assess the presence of antibodies against SARS and Cov-2 as a result of corona vaccination or by natural infectivity. He said that in this survey, the detection of natural and vaccination generated antibodies was surveyed and the spike protein of antibodies formed after vaccination has also been tested. He also appreciated the contribution of Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary, State Nodal Officer, Haryana and Dr. Vinod Chail, Professor, Department of Community Medicine, PGIMS, Rohtak for necessary technical guidance.

The sample size of the sero survey was 36,520


He said that this survey was conducted by the Health Department in collaboration with the Department of Community Medicine, PGIMS, Rohtak in all the districts of Haryana. In this round of sero survey, the sample size was increased to 36,520. The sample size was much larger as compared to the previous sero surveys with a sample size of 18,700 in the first round and 15,840 in the second round.

Vij informed that since last 16 January is working on a war footing to vaccinate and by conducting this sero survey, an assessment has been made about the efficacy of the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination program in the state.

Survey will be done again in Faridabad

Anil Vij said that sero prevalence study shows that highest 85 percent sero-positivity was observed in Kurukshetra and lowest 64.2 percent in Faridabad. He said that 14 percent sample in Faridabad could not be concluded due to some reason, so sero-survey would be conducted again in Faridabad district.

So far 2.47 crores have been vaccinated

Anil Vij said that getting a positivity of 76 percent in Haryana is a kind of comforting thing and all such people have got a security cover. Regarding vaccination, Vij said that so far about 2.47 crore people have been vaccinated in the state, in which about 1.74 crore people have received the first dose and more than 73 lakh people have received the second dose.