A man accused of raping and murdering a seven-year-old girl in Rajasthan has been sentenced to death within 24 days of committing the crime. According to information, the accused Dinesh Jat was sentenced on Friday DGP M.L. Lathar said that the crime was reported on September 20 when the accused took the minor from her home luring her with gifts. A complaint was lodged by the victim’s father, after which an investigation started shortly and the girl’s body was found hidden in a field. Looking at the gravity of the situation, the police team headed by the Ajmer Range IG and others rushed to Nagore and collected the evidence. The accused was arrested by a special team of police on the basis of the evidence and in six days, he was presented in POCSO Court in Merta city. The case was selected under Speak Up campaign by Ajmer Range IG and the trial started on September 28. Each day witnesses were called and finally on October 21, Dinesh was found guilty of the crime and on Friday, he was sentenced to death, said Lathar.