Punjab Lok Congress (PLC) chief Capt Amarinder Singh on Tuesday expressed anger over Navjot Singh Sidhu hugging the Pakistan army chief who was ordering his soldiers every day to kill Indians.

He said the state’s governance could not be handed over to people who were willing to compromise national security to further their personal and political ambitions.

“Who do you hate more? The soldiers who fire or the one who gives the order?” the former chief minister asked the people of Patiala at a public meeting at Ramalila Maidan, adding that Sidhu hugging General Bajwa and then his reinduction into the state cabinet being recommended by the prime minister of Pakistan clearly showed he could not be relied upon to keep Punjab and India safe from the enemy across the border.


“We want peace with Pakistan but will not bow to them. We are prepared to fight, our army is ready to take them head on,” Capt Amarinder asserted.

Citing the need for the highest levels of security in the border state of Punjab, the former chief minister said the state’s and country’s safety was of paramount importance, which only the PLC alliance, with the support of the BJP-led government at the Centre, could ensure.

While there was no conflict between the people of the two countries, the hostile regime in Pakistan posed a serious danger which could not be undermined, he said.