The recent discovery of drones in Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat is evidence of the increasing use of drone technology in espionage, terrorism and war.Given the important role that drones will play in national security, the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) has started the Centre for Futuristic Defense Studies (CFDS) to develop state-of-the-art drone technology which among other things will also focus on anti-drone technology. It will also act as the training ground for field experts in anti-drone technology. This will further strengthen the country’s defence system air by providing high-tech drone nology and experts field, NFSU sources tech- in the told Mirror.

Recently a drone attack was reported from Abu Dhabi’s new international airport.

Similarly, a drone was found near Abadsa in Gujarat in February 2019. In another incident, a hexacopter was seized in August 2019 from Mohawa village in Punjab. Another drone was intercepted from the Jammu Air Force base in June 2021.


NFSU chancellor Dr J M Vyas said given that foreign drones have been reported from India’s bordering states, we need to have high-tech drones and field experts.

This is why NFSU plans to develop the Drone Forensic Centre. Vyas added that the varsity is already developing applications for high tech drones and the soon to be launched Centre for Futuristic Defence Studies will train experts in the same. The uses of drones and how to thwart drone attacks were the main subject under discussion during the ongoing International Conference on Counterterrorism in NFSU.

Dean of the School of Police Science and Security Studies at NFSU and Former Air Commodore Kedar Thacker said detection of foreign drones is a big challenge. Drone worms used for specific targets: New versions of tiny drones such as Hexacopters and drone worms are being used for individual targets. Thacker said drone worms like flies and mosquitoes are used to target an individual or a specific small target. Such drones can attack targets with just 2 grams of ammunition or poison needles. It is almost impossible to detect such drones because of their small size.