Marwadi Financial Services, a trusted name in financial services & wealth management, is pleased to announce its partnership with Bridgeweave, a UK based fintech, to provide predictive investment in-sights to its customers using Bridgeweave’s flagship platform ‘InvestorAi’: InvestorAi uses Al algorithms, that have been trained for global equity markets, to analyse conventional, fundamental, technical and other indicators and provide institutional quality insights to retail investors for 4,500 stocks and 1,500 ETFs in 15 markets across the globe.

The platform also generates tailored insights and actionable features by tracking the user’s trading and investing patterns. Users will be able to assess the accuracy and insight returns of the created signals. Bridgeweave’s solution also includes customer profiling in real-time by understanding customer preferences, attitudes, and likes (from behavioural data and transactions) to power use cases for targeted communication, user engagement, and predicting customer churn.

Akshaya Bhargava, Chairman and Founder at Bridgeweave said, “We are excited about our partnership with Marwadi Financial Services because this partnership furthers our philosophy of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and complex in-depth insights and making them accessible in a simple way to end-Investors. 

The investor is different because our machines crunch more than 800 million computations every day to generate pre-directive signals and analytical investment insights. We see the wealth management space evolving to a combination of human and machine – we call this “You+Al” where both together make the winning combination”.


Gaurav Bhojak, Chief Strategy & Digital Transformation Officer at Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited commented on the announcement, “Whenever we look at integrating any technological innovation to our platforms, our primary question as a team is, how will this help our customers to have a better and beneficial port? The investor’s algorithms have proven their worth in trained global equity markets. 

Using the brilliant combination of fundamental research and quantitative techniques, InvestorAi’s Al-powered predictive investing suggestions, will enable our customers to make the right investment decisions by analysing the conventional, fundamental and technical indicators and provide bullish or bearish signals.”

Most long-term investors are not aware of the right exit, entry or hold strategy and we believe that this integration of Bridgeweave’s Investor Ai is another step forward for us in helping our customers build profitable portfolios. Going one step further, the integration of InvestorAi will allow us to provide customised suggestions tailored to our customer’s dynamic behavioural and transactional profiles. The “One View” solution for employees has enabled faster investment decisions for customers.“