The Karnataka government has banned individuals, political leaders, celebrities, bureaucrats and government staff from celebrating their birthdays with the children at child care homes. The ban came into effect from October 16. According to the state government, if outsiders are allowed to celebrate birthdays at child care institutions, it will have a negative impact on the mindset of these children. However, the government move has evoked a mixed response in the state. Some experts opined that the government should focus on more serious issues like malnutrition, malnourishment and school education as attending birthday parties or exchanging gifts are not traumatic for children. However, some experts believe that although outsiders come with good intentions to celebrate their birthdays in child care homes, the children living there have a difficult time being a part of such celebrations. People from smaller institutions feel that after the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, the orphan children faced great difficulty in coping with the situation. Birthday celebrations help them to some extent and make them happy. Psychologist Dr Sridhara told IANS, “I do not see any rationale behind the government’s decision. Life of an orphan child in a child care home in India is harsher than it is in other countries.” “After all the traumatic experiences they have had, the celebrations will help them accept reality. They will also have a few happy days as they get gifts and good food,” he added.