India, Israel, US, UAE discussed joint infrastructure projects in the fields of transport, technology, maritime security and trade.

The meeting was held between Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yair Lapid, UAE Foreign Minister, Abdullah bin Zayed AL Nahyan and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Israel’s foreign ministry said that during the meeting, the four ministers discussed the possibilities of joint infrastructure projects in the areas of transportation, technology, maritime security, and economics and trade, as well as additional joint projects.

The Israeli foreign affairs minister introduced the meeting during his visit to Washington and said at the beginning of the meeting, “Around this virtual table—there’s a network that we all want to build.” Israel’s foreign ministry said the four countries have decided to establish an international forum for economic cooperation.


Lapid said that, “I think the word we are looking for here is synergy as we are trying to start with this meeting. Synergy that will help us work together on infrastructure, digital infrastructure, transportation, maritime security and more. that keeps us all busy. “The key to success is how quickly can we move from ‘government-to-government’ to ‘business-to-business’?” How quickly can we turn this into a work process that will get off the ground changing infrastructure around the world,” Lapid said.

At the end of the cover, it was decided that each minister would appoint senior level professionals in a joint. Working group which will prepare options for cooperation in the above areas. Israel’s foreign ministry said it intended to hold a personal meeting of ministers at Expo 2020 in Dubai in the coming months.

Delegations from India, the US, the United Arab Emirates and Israel discussed a range of issues including climate change, energy cooperation, maritime security and expanding economic and political cooperation in related fields. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said during a press briefing that the related areas include expanding economic and political cooperation, climate change, energy cooperation, maritime security, discussing a whole range of issues.