‘One Mic Stand’ Season 1 opened the door to a new concept of comedy by bringing diverse celebrities from different walks of life on the same stage to test their comic skills. It gave show creator and showrunner Sapan Verma the confidence to push the boundaries in the second season. And for the third season, he would like to explore the arena of sports.When asked what names he has in mind for the third instalment of the show, Sapan says, “Of course we have a lot of interesting names in mind, but sports is one area that we really want to cover this time. Imagine getting someone like Sachin Tendulkar or P.V. Sindhu or Neeraj Chopra – would be fun to see them talk about their journeys.” He adds, “However, one thing that is guaranteed is a ton of fun and jokes will be coming your way and the show will only get better and better”. A lot of people were of the opinion that such a format may not work but the phenomenal response to the first season proved these reservations wrong. Talking about the response to the show, he says, “The response to ‘One Mic Stand’ has been phenomenal. Season 1 obviously had a surprise value as nobody expected famous celebrities to try standup comedy. But now with an established format, we had to go bigger and better with Season 2 and we’re really happy that we managed to do that.” “People are loving the show and we’re getting a great response all over social media as well. I think the novelty of the show lies in getting different kinds of celebrities each time so that there’s a uniquely funny story to tell. No two episodes are alike, and even our mentor comedians bring a different perspective”, Sapan concludes. The show has succeeded right from conceiving a compelling idea to bringing top mentors and people on board to making it all work. It has shown a way forward to the creators, who have a penchant for novelty. The second season of the popular show released on October 22.