The preliminary investigation into the Hubballi violence has revealed that it was preplanned, police sources said on Wednesday.

The police have collected videos which reveal the planning for the violence that happened on April 16 in the commercial hub of north Karnataka.

A violent mob outside the police station sought the beheading of a youth, who had put up an objec- tionable post in social media. The mob shouted slogans that called for violence, like “What is the punishment for the guilty” and “Beheading is the only punishment for the guilty.”


The mob allegedly raised pro-Pakistan and ISI slogans during the protest, according to police sources.

The police said that the gathering of more than 2,000 people in a span of 20 minutes, and the loads of stones found at the scene of crime provide enough evidence to prove that the violence was organised. Meanwhile, a special team has been sent to Hyderabad to nab accused Moulvi Wasim Pathan and eight others, who climbed on police vehicles and instigated the mob to indulge in violence. The police have arrested 10 more accused persons in connection with the violence taking the total number to 103. Among the arrested, 89 persons have been handed over to judicial custody and all of them have been shifted to Kalaburagi prison. A total of 12 cases have been registered by the police regarding the violence. After the surfacing of an objectionable post, the police had taken the youth into their custody. Within 20 minutes, about 2,000 gathered near the police station demanding the police to hand over the youth to them.

After the police foiled their attempts to barge inside the police station, the mob indulged in violence and resorted to stone pelting on Saturday night. Including a sub inspector, 12 persons were injured in the incident. Police vehicles, buses, and temples were targeted. The arrested persons were found to be residents of the local area. The police suspected that the message was given to them to gather outside the police station.