Himachal Pradesh Governor’s secretariat has gone online with the scanning of about 82,000 papers, it was announced on Friday. This would save 190 paper reams annually. The working of the secretariat has been made online as per the instructions of Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar. The Governor congratulated his Secretary Priyatu Mandal for the completion and implementation of the project in Raj Bhavan. Mandal apprised the Governor about the e-office software and said the work of implementing would bring transparency along with speed and would also save time. A spokesperson for Raj Bhavan said the work of the e-office was started in August and was completed on October 22. He said about 500 files have been scanned and made online. An e-office application has been implemented to automate the file work in the departments. The spokesperson said that e-files could be easily searched and retrieved and actions on them would be taken instantly. They could also link to and reference relevant files, documents, rulings and decisions, he said, adding this simplifies the decision making, as all required information is available at a single point.