The state of Western Australia (WA) continues to see a spike in Covid-19 infections, which arouses concern for its healthcare system.

WA Health recorded 16,670 new Covid-19 cases till 8 p.m. Wednesday evening, a slight drop from Wednesday’s 17,033 cases, a record peak for the state since the pandemic began in Australia in early 2020.

There were 275 people hospitalized with eight in the intensive care unit recorded during the same period. The state also reported a further six deaths dating back to May 3, Xinhua news agency reported. WA Premier, Mark McGowan told the press on Wednesday that though the caseload is high, the cases being hospitalization and intensive care are still below what was predicted.


He also highlighted the rates at which unvaccinated residents were being hospitalized.

“More than 50 percent of the people in hospital haven’t had their third vaccine dose, that’s a large statistic, 27 percent of people in hospital haven’t had one vaccine dose, now what that says to me COVID is if you’re not vaccinated, you run the risk of adverse outcomes,” McGowan said.

However, the surge of Covid-19 infections still prompted calls for a reintroduction of restrictions as there are co