Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Wednesday launched the petrol subsidy scheme in the state named ‘CM-SUPPORTS’ under which poor and needy two-wheeler owners will be provided with a subsidy of Rs 250 on 10 litres of petrol every month and the amount totalling to Rs 250 will be transferred in their accounts through DBT.

Addressing the people at the Dumka police lines after hosting the national flag on the occasion of the Nation’s 73rd Republic Day the Chief Minister said that on the second anniversary of the state government he had promised that relief will be provided to the poor and needy two- wheeler owners from the high cost and price rise as part of which they will be provided with a subsidy of Rs 25 per litre of petrol from January 26.

He said that his government as per the sentiments of the constitution is working with dedication and commitment for the all-around development of the state and ensuring maximum welfare of the people. He said that his government has a dream of making Jharkhand free from fear, hunger, corruption, crime and left-wing extremism. He said that he wanted to make Jharkhand a place where words of even the weakest people reach to the power corridors and where rights of every person are safe under the democratic system, further there should be not a single person backwards and all should get equal opportunities for development.

The Chief Minister said that in its short time itself the state government has made many serious and concrete efforts for development in various areas. He said that efforts have been made to remove unemployment, ensure economic empowerment of the people and bring the masses into the development process and in administration. He said that with the cooperation of all, the state government is trying to provide a clean, transparent and sensitive administration.

The Chief Minister said that education is the base of development which plays an important role in developing human beings and also of scientific thinking approach. He said that his government is sensitive and aware of the educational sector and was happy to inform that in the educational index issued by the Government of India in the last year the state has got a benefit of 29 points which was the highest in the country.


He said that the results of Secondary And Higher Secondary Board are encouraging in the state as while on one hand 96 percent students passed in the Matric boards which is so far the best result in the state and he congratulated the students and teachers for these results despite the adverse circumstances of the pandemic.

Hemant said that taking into account the different languages which are spoken in the various areas of the state, study material for providing education in the language of the mother tongue was developed. He said that the state government has identified 250 schools in different districts where on a pilot basis education system based on mother tongue will be implemented and on the basis of the results this system would be also implemented in other schools and its benefits will be enjoyed by such children who were forced to leave the schools since studies were not held in their mother tongue language.

Hemant Soren said that everyone is aware regarding the migration of labourers and workers taking place from the Santhal Pargana region who have to face many problems and what they had to go through during the national lockdown was seen by the entire country.

He said that the fact has to be accepted that migration cannot be fully stopped but the government wanted to do something for the betterment of the migrant labourers for which a safe and responsible migration initiative programme has been started.

He said that this programme will be implemented on a pilot basis in Dumka, Gumla and West Singhbhum districts under which within the next 18 months problems related to the migrant workers of Jharkhand would be studied and a comprehensive migration policy will be prepared so that the problems of migrant labourers can be solved.