A proposal of the Parsi community to build an Agiyari on a plot on the Sabarmati Riverfront has hit a roadblock as the state government has refused to give the plot at a subsidised rate and demanded Rs 67 crore as per its market price.

The community has an Agiyari in the Walled City, in Bukhara Mohallah in Khamasa area, which is 135- year-old. The Parsi panchayat decided to build a new Agiyari near its sanatorium on Ashram Road and demanded a plot. The plot is part of the riverfront and owned by the government.

The Collector has put a base price of Rs 2.67 lakh per sq. m, which is the highest for any government plot till now in Ahmedabad. Earlier the AMC had put a plot for sale on the Sindhu Bhavan Road whose base price was Rs 1.88 lakh per sq. m. However, the auction was cancelled at the last moment.


The need for a new Agiyari has arisen as most of the Parsi families have now shifted to western parts of the city. In 2015, the panchayat approached the AMC for plot number FP 125 of TP scheme number 3 be- hind Kandoi Bhogilal sweet shop on Ashram Road. The standing committee of the AMC cleared the proposal without any objection. The Parsi panchayat then approached the Collector’s office for further action. The proposal for the plot was reviewed by the land assessment committee of the Ahmedabad Collector’s Office which set a base price of Rs 2.67 lakh per sq m. The total price was calculated at Rs 67 crore.

However, the panchayat expressed its inability to pay such a huge amount and demanded that it be given at a subsidised rate. President of Parsi Panchayat Brigadier (retired) Jehangir Anklesaria said, It is beyond our sins to pay Rs 67 crore. We want to set up Agiyari and a charitable hospital and the government should give us the plot at subsidised rate. We are hopeful that our representative will have a positive outcome. AMC has reclaimed more than 500 acres of land on the Sabarmati Riverfront. Of this, 49 plots of the 14 percent reclaimed land are to be sold.

Five years ago, the state government had decided the base price of two plots but it found no takers due to the high price. AMC then appointed an agency to fix the price. The agency issued EOI for the sale of 49 plots and sought proposals from different companies. Though proposals were filed, the base price has not been fixed till date. AMC’s online auction flip-flop: In June 2021, AMC had given permission for sale of a plot on the Sindhu Bhavan Road through online auction. The cost of the plot was fixed at Rs 151.76 crore at a rate of Rs 1,88,000 per sq m. It was sold at Rs 1,88,300 in an online auction. However, the state government cancelled the order.