For the second year in a row, Uttarayan will be a low key affair for Amdavadis due to Covid-19 restrictions. The night curfew especially, which begins at 10 pm will be a dampener as kite enthusiasts like to shop till late at night in the traditional kite markets at Tankshal Pol in Kalupur, Raipur, Delhi Darwaza and Jamalpur. The charm of buying kites and manja on the penultimate night of Uttarayan will be lost as police are expected to strictly abide by the 10pm curfew deadline this time.

City police chief Sanjay Srivastava has one notification on Saturday mentioning that kite lovers will have to abide by the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Union and state governments.

A senior police official said that curfew will be implemented strictly. “Gathering of people in kite markets could potentially be a super spreader and hence no kite bazaar or even a shop will be allowed to remain open after 10 pm.”


Jamalpur resident Mustaq Shaikh who makes kites for a living said that production and selling of kites have gone down drastically due to the pandemic. “The traders are hesitant to buy kites as they fear that restrictions would im- pact retail sales,” Shaikh said.

Meanwhile, use and sale of synthetic and non-biode gradable Chinese thread has also been banned as it can cause serious injuries or even death.Flying of tukkals at night has also not been allowed as it can trigger fire incidents.

To ensure that law and order prevails, playing loud speakers or shouting slogans in a way that it hurts sentiments will also not be allowed.

The notification also bans flying of kites from public places or from streets. The notification mentions that even running on roads to catch kites, or feeding cattle in a way that hampers traffic movement, would not be allowed.