A Nikol-based couple was booked by the Navrangpura police for fraud, forgery and breach of trust after they cheated a company of Rs85.13 lakh using forged documents to avail a loan.

Chirag Barot (36) a legal manager with ‘Indostar Capital finance company in his complaint said that the accused Gunvant Ranpriya and his wife Manisha first approached the firm at its CG Road office in December 2018.The Mumbai-headquartered company provides loans for the purchase of trucks and other heavy vehicles.


Ranpriya wanted to buy four pre-used trucks but the loan request was rejected as the documents submitted by the accused showed the vehicles were registered in Andhra Pradesh and not within Gujarat.

A few days later, Ranpriya again visited the company and this time submitted documents of four vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors and registered in Gujarat. After going through the documents, a loan of Rs75 lakh was issued by the company against a monthly instalment of Rs50, 390 to be paid till October 2024.

The couple regularly paid instalments for the initial 10 months and then stopped paying it. In all, Rs20.82 lakh was paid towards the instalment. The company issued a notice for payment of instalment but failed to get a response from the accused. It then wrote to Tata Motors, the manufacturer of the trucks, which said the vehicles with the given details were never manufactured by them.