An oversight by AMC officials almost cost Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) a whopping Rs 45 crore. AMC officials approved a project in Chandlodia, near Silverstar Crossroads, on an Rs 45 crore plot without realising that it is owned by AUDA.

Officials even sued a tender for the same but realised their goof-up only after AUDA officials raised an objection. The throwaway market price of the plot is Rs 45 crore. To compensate AUDA for the potential loss, AMC changed the design of the multi-level parking by including shops in it. AUDA will sell the shops to recover Rs 45 crore.


It all started in September 2018 when AMC passed resolution number 326 to construct a multi-level parking in Chandlodia’s TP scheme number 45, plot number 196 measuring,000 square metre. Work started on it by marking the boundary with tin-plates. At this point, AUDA became aware of the AMC’s intentions and objected to it by claiming the plot’s ownership.

AUDA also clarified that the plot was reserved for sale for commercial purpose and it can easily fetch Rs 45 crore or more. After lengthy discussions and exchange of letters, a compromise formula was worked out. It was decided that the AMC will build shops on the ground floor of the parking facility and the right to them would be given to 5 AUDA to recover Rs 45 crore.

In September 2019,AMC finalised the project by changing its design to include shops. AMC got possession of the plot in February 2020. A work order was issued to the contractor. However, the construction work got delayed due to the onset of the Covid pandemic. Now, the Roads and Buildings of the AMC has approved the proposal to increase the time limit of the project to March 20, 2023. Commenting on the AMC practice, an AUDA official said the plot was earmarked by AUDA for commercial purposes. The intention was to raise money through its sale which could be used to set up infrastructure facilities in the AUDA jurisdiction. This is not the first time that AMC has tried to benefit from AUDA plots.