After a spate of revenge killings and beheadings in South Tamil Nadu, the Tirunelveli Superintendent of Police V. Manivvannan has directed the private buses to refrain from playing songs that glorify the caste traditions in their vehicles. Tirunelveli has been the epicentre of caste-based honour killings and revenge killings. The ban comes into immediate effect as the ‘Thevar Jayanthi’ celebrations are taking place in South Tamil Nadu this week. However, sources in the district police told IANS that the ban will continue. Caste-related violence and brutal killings have been continuing unabated in South Tamil Nadu, especially in districts like Tirunelveli, Theni, Dindigul, and Madurai. Recently, four beheadings were reported in Tirunelveli and Dindigul districts as revenge for caste killings that took place a few years ago. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin had announced that the state government would not be a mere spectator to such violence and that police would use tough measures to curb it. Director General of Police Sylendra Babu camped at Madurai and Tirunelveli and directed police personnel to conduct a recee of the shops and industries that make and sell knives, axes, and other such objects. The police has directed the shops and industries to sell these objects only to domestic users and to maintain a register on the customers and their telephone numbers. Several raids were conducted during which deadly weapons, including firearms, were confiscated and some arrests made. Subramanian, a software engineer in Chennai from Tirunelveli while speaking to IANS said, “During our school days, we used to listen to songs played in private buses glorifying the deeds of one caste and demonising others. This would inculcate a sort of pride for one’s caste. Since people from all castes and communities travel in a bus, such a practice this is totally uncalled for and hence be banned. The police have taken a good decision in this regard.” This was rampant around the year 2005-2015 when caste-based killings were common in Tirunelveli and surrounding areas. The district police, according to sources, is planning to introduce several programmes in the district with all castes participating. It is also planning to conduct programmes in schools to eradicate the culture of violence based on castes in the district.