Over 500 private hospitals in Ahmedabad have a Damocles sword hanging over their heads, with the AMC adopting stringent measures to renew hospital registrations. The AMC has made it mandatory for hospitals to have a Building Use (BU) permission for registration renewal. Moreover, even when a hospital has BU permission, the same will be verified by the estate department to ensure that the construction is as per the plan submitted to the AMC.

The hospitals can only get the registration renewed after the estate department verifies the BU permission. As per an estimate, the city has close to 2,000 private hospitals of which over 440 lack BU permission. Earlier, the health department did not seek BU permission for hospital registration, and as a result, many came up without the same.

Explaining how so many hospitals came up sans a BU permission, an AMC official said earlier doctors were allowed to have consulting rooms at their residences.

Later, it came to our notice that many doctors had built hospitals in residential buildings. So essentially, these buildings have BÚ permission but for residence and not for a hospital, said the official. He said such hospitals would have trouble getting their registration renewed.


Nearly 100 such hospitals are functioning out of residential buildings, and another 440 private hospitals do not have any BU permission. Thus in all, the registration of 540 private hospitals are likely to be cancelled.

Hospitals are required to renew their registration every year in March. This time, close to 2,000 private hospitals will have to apply online for registration renewal, and only those with verified BY permission will be allowed to apply.

In September 2021, the AMC had sealed 41 hospitals for lack of BU permission. Medical Officer of Health, Dr Bhavin Solanki, said the registration renewal process is now completely online, and the documents and other things will be verified before renewing the registration.